Decorative Window Tinting in Madison Area

Decorative Window Film – for beauty and privacy, use decorative window film.

The view control film line offers some of our most versatile products, with many distinct benefits wherever it’s applied. A unique, fashionable look, UV protection, even protection from shattering glass. But the most important benefit of Decolite® is that it gives you the ability to dictate what can and cannot be seen.

Decorative pattern window film comes with eye-catching geometric patterns, lines, and frost that gives you privacy. Add privacy to kitchens, garages and bathrooms at your home. Get the best Window film installation services from Madison Window Services.


Decolite film employs translucent geometric and custom patterns to heighten privacy and provide the appearance of etched glass. Decolite is used to enhance the decor of a room, complementing the furniture, artwork, or the architecture. This innovative product comes in a variety of patterns, enabling custom designing. With Decolite, you can also achieve the effects of etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

It is the process of printing special ink designed to adhere to window film giving infinite possible applications. It is printed on translucent clear film and can be any shade, any color, or any combination your imagination can allow. It can be used for offices or store fronts and can be used for privacy or for eye-catching visual displays.  It definitely opens up new avenues for business opportunities and sales; it can be a great extension of your portfolio and business services.

Commercial Window Tinting in Madison Area

Commercial buildings use window tinting to enhance the appearance. Decorative window tinting can upscale the workplace ambience. Decorative window tinting for your Madison office can improve the privacy, impress the customers and a great choice for executive meeting rooms.

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