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Top 3 Most Common Window Washing Mistakes That Homeowners Make

Everybody can clean a window, but cleaning it properly is what matters the most. No doubt it is great to clean the windows yourself, but you should not cause more harm than good while trying to do so. As a specialist in window washing in Madison here we have compiled some of the most common mistakes that many homeowners make while trying to wash their windows.

Opting for window cleaning on a sunny day:

Bright, sunny days are perhaps when you plan to get some outdoor cleaning done! But let us tell you that the sun can actually make window cleaning tougher. A lot of DIY cleaners tend to lather up one side of the windows & then move to the other side prior to sponging & drying. On a bright sunny day, the foam will dry out fast, leaving persistent marks and streaks even after you have scrubbed & dried your windows.

According to professional window cleaners, window cleaning should be done on a cloudy day because this weather offers you a bit more time prior to the foam begins to dry.

 Cleaning only one side of the windows:

This is really a silly mistake, but this mistake is quite familiar to most of the homeowners in Madison.

Some people clean just the inside of their windows and ponder why it still looks filthy. For your knowledge, the inside of your window is perhaps the dirtiest as there’re more varieties of fungi and bacteria found inside than outside. Window washing is never an easy task considering the large building and multi-floor houses in Madison.

People touch & lean on windows, leaving human oil & microorganisms brought in from the offices, stores and outdoors. Therefore, it’s really important that you should give the inside of your windows a proper cleaning, add window sills, which can accumulate dust & cobwebs easily.

 Using wrong material to dry windows:

When it comes to dry their windows, most of the homeowners use wrong materials. Your parents might have used wadded paper or newspaper to clean glass, but this is not the way to clean or dry windows. Newspaper inks feature chemicals that can dent your window in the long run. The papers may also stain your window frame.

However, a soft, fiber cloth is your best bet to dry windows quickly and safely.

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