Residential window cleaning Madison

Professionals Use the Right Tools that Make Residential Window Cleaning Easier

We all appreciate clean windows in our homes as they enhance the beauty of our homes. Cleaning windows on our own sounds easier but it isn’t! It needs professional help to meet the desired cleanliness of the windows. The benefits of hiring a professional residential window cleaning service is that they offer high quality services that meet up your expectations, also they keep your safety as their top priority while performing the cleaning services, along with that it saves your valuable time, and most importantly they make use of the right equipment and tools that make window cleaning a much easy task.

Let us check out what tools and equipment that professional residential window cleaning service providers use that make window cleaning easier.

Liquid Cleaning Solutions for Glasses

They make use of eco-friendly liquid cleaning solutions for glass that contain all natural ingredients. Usually the primary ingredient of a cleaning solution is water and ammonia followed by alcohols, and other additives.

Cleaning Devices

The professionals make use over various devices that provide complete window cleaning solution. Dust and light dirt can be easily removed using cleaning solutions but for more efficient cleaning a squeegee can be helpful as it covers more surface area in less time. Again the edges of the squeegee cause streaks while moving across the window surface but this is avoided by using wipers after every pass. And if any stickers or other difficult object is firmly affixed to the glass then these are removed by pressing a scraper between the glass and the material that needs to be removed.


Water fed hollow poles help in extending the cleaner’s reach for high windows and feed water or cleaning solution to the part of the window which is beyond reach. These poles also make the squeegees and wipes reach the height to remove excess water from difficult areas. Scaffolding and hanging harnesses are being used to reach those parts of the window which cannot be reached using poles.


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