window cleaning facts and tips

Facts and Tips that Make Window Cleaning Efficient

We all want our homes to look perfect every day of the year. Isn’t it? But the dust, grime and various inside and outside elements do not allow our homes to be in its best version all the time, especially the windows! Fortunately, there are a few window cleaning facts and tips that can help you in maintaining the window frames and panes.

A professional window cleaning is the best way out –

It is always an excellent idea to get your windows cleaned with the help of professionals at least once in every three months. This will help you and your family leading a healthy and allergy-free life. Debris gets accumulated at the inside and outside of the windows not only making it difficult to clean but also increases the probability of scratching and damaging the windows which might result in expensive repairs! Also, do you know the window sill is the most challenging part of the window to clean, but when you hire professionals they have the right equipment to clean it up efficiently.

As far as cleaning of window panes are concerned (i.e., the actual glass part of the window) you can combine dish detergent with water as the cleaning solution. Also, you can use vinegar and water. However, you should use squeegees and sponges for cleaning the panes as these tools won’t cause any damage to the glass. Remember you should begin the window cleaning process from the upper corner of the window and take your time to work your way down the glass. Then gently dab the window pane using a clean cloth as this will ensure that there is no water left behind. Also, do not forget to clean your window frames especially if the frames are wooden. If the cleaning solution is left on these frames then it might cause the wood to rot and damage the whole frame. Therefore, hiring a professional window cleaning service is highly recommended as they will make use of the right tools and solutions to provide you with a clean and safe window.

Why is Maintenance of Windows Necessary?

Besides the health reasons, maintaining windows can enhance their longevity as well as appearance. Proper care of windows makes them last longer. Windows especially the ones with glass panes are prone to get damaged easily as the glass is porous. Moreover, when proper care is not taken the pollutants, and contaminants get accumulated and decrease the lifespan of the window pane as well as the window frame. So replacing the window panes and window frames is a costly affair. These can only be avoided with regular window cleaning that includes dusting, wiping and likewise. Another primary reason that makes maintenance of windows on a regular basis necessary is the weather. Harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, hail storms, and pollen can make your windows appear dusty, foggy and sometimes leave a film of dirt. All these eventually can make your windows weak.

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